Monday, September 14, 2009

Hoping to be in the Rose Parade

Ok. Well I started back in the first quarter of this year, and now we are coming up to the fourth quarter. No real progress yet. I had contacted (written and phoned) the Tournament of Roses Association, all the float builders, a PR person, Larry Palmer, for one of the float builders, and the City of West Covina... but nothing very promising yet.
I tried to find out who is building a patriotic float but no one will release that information, since it needs to be a surprise. That makes it kind of tough. Also, everyone says that only the sponsors of each float make the call as to who rides on their float, and of course, everyone wants to.
I noticed that the President of the 2010 Tournament is Gary J. DiSano. In looking at the press releases, it states that he also works for Century Wheel and Rim in Montebello. I tried to call him there. Got a voice mail after using the automated directory, but not real sure that I was leaving a voice mail for him. The message didn't say it was his voice mail.
It appears that there are a LOT of Italian guys in management roles for the parade. At least a lot of the names are Italian. Do we have any Italian friends out there that can help??? We have sung for many Italian groups; maybe they know someone.
I guess I could look at a list of all of last year's sponsors and contact each one to see if they have an entry this year. I think most sponsors do it annually, year after year.
If you read this and know of anyone who could help, or have other ideas for us, please let me know!

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